Thursday, July 24, 2008

Etiology of the Avian Bird Flu

According to Dr. Boyd Graves, who has been marginalized over the years by “official” government medical communities for speaking up about the possibility that AIDS was purposefully designed to be an ethnic specific virulent, genocidal agent, Avian flu pandemic could be science run amuck.

Amidst the current Centers for Disease Control media orchestrated public panic over the Avian Flu Pandemic, more and more scientists are beginning to look at the appearance of these lethal virulents as being adapted by science, genetically recombined as biowarfare agents, made in America,” says Graves.

The historical trail traces itself back to the 1843 discovery of the infectious agent (MYCOPLASMA) for the “SPOTTED LEAF DISEASE”, also known as the “TOBACCO MOSAIC VIRUS.” “At the core of human (cancer) disease”, says Graves, is this ‘mycoplasma’ entity that has been weaponized over time realizing lethal and incapacitating conditions for humanity”.

The development of the mycoplasma from plant to animal to human is clear, asserts Graves. “By 1898 the United States had realized the mycoplasma in cows, bovine spongiform encephalitis (BSE). By 1902, they had realized it in horses, equine infectious anemia virua (EIAV), in 1904, they realized it in goats, caprine arthritic encephalitis virus (CAEV). By 1910, they had realized it in fowl, Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV)”, reports Graves after years and years of committed research into the subject.

According to page 14 – 15 of the 1978 progress report of the U.S. Special program, the 1910 RSV is a product of recombinant genetics. Further review will show the 1918 Spanish Flu was a recombinant bird virus. “The same is true of the 2005 Avian flu’, comments Graves.

Is “recombinant” a natural occurrence in Nature or man made or both?

In 1918, the pandemic began not in a port city of this country, but in the Midwest. Tom Rogers, a whistle-blower, working in the field of virology in the 1990s explains that the scientists who are “in the know” look towards the mid west, in specific, Missouri, to read the pulse of bird carrying plagues. “Birds from Asia and Europe converge at this spot due to the convergence of the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri river. Various viruses recombine organically”, says Rogers. Rogers tells the story about the Missouri birthplace of the USA born deadly Flu of 1918 claiming that it was purposefully misnamed “Spanish Flu” as a distraction. He tells how A.J. Cohen, a veterinarian in Missouri in 1918 warned meat packers and distributors that a super virus was killing off pullets and piglets. However, Cohen was not only disregarded but his life was threatened by industry. “These meats were sent throughout the nation and ultimately overseas”, claims Rogers.

American soldiers were exposed first to the recombinant and their war travels spread the virus to wherever they went. In fact, more soldiers died from the Spanish Flu than those who died in World War I. Rogers claim is that there is no such thing as “jumping species” as might have been designed and refined by biotechnology techniques as claimed by Dr. Boyd Graves and Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a popular lecturer on the subject and author of AID, EBOLA and other viruses. Rogers claims that the virus passes amongst species due to “wrapping your lips” around it, as he likes to phrase it. As a result of his research into the etiology of non specific species transferred plagues Rogers is now a deeply committed Vegan…that is no meat, no milk. He says the only way you can get the Avian Flu is by “eating” the infected species, or via fluid exchange, like blood transfers, sex, and close saliva contacts, like in AIDS.

Although one can usually find an originating template for bacteria, viruses and drugs in nature, Dr. Boyd Graves claims that US government purposefully brought these lethal viruses to a dangerous new level through biotechnology and laboratory recombinant technologies

When the United States began the Tuskegee syphilis experiments in 1932, they also began the testing of the infectious agent of HIV, the sheep virus VISNA. HIV contains sequences from a 1932 strain of VISNA, strain ks1514. However, in the 1971 progress report (#8) of the U.S. Special Virus (1971), the United States concedes that VISNA had not yet been associated with human disease.

The United States cannot explain how VISNA is the “etiological agent” of HIV, as they report in 1985, 1986 and 1995. See, Science Vol 227, pp. 173 – 7, January, 1985, see also, PROC NAS Vol 83, pp.4007 – 11, June 1986 and PROC NAS Vol 92, pp. 3283 – 87, April 11, 1995.

I believe we can have a much better understanding of medicine and science if we review the U.S. Laboratory of Hygiene (circa 1878), the 1902 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the 1904 Station for Experimental Evolution and the 1926 MIT 'Virus Cancer' Conference”, says Graves. In addition, the May 1946 Appropriations Hearing addresses a "synthetic biological agent" in "useable shape". “This is the recognition of the VISNA agent, which now wreaks havoc across the biomedical world”, comments Graves. Dr. Boyd Graves is certain, that if we review and investigate the U.S. Special Virus program, we will solve not only HIV and AIDS, but we will answer many of the unknown origins of human disease.

Meanwhile, Eileen Dannemann, director of the National Coalition of Organized Women spearheading the collection of the various data wonders if the US government has been recently testing their virus collection on the greyhound dogs…hence the new canine flu epidemic causing CDC concerns about it “jumping species” and infecting humans. Tom Rogers would say don’t kiss your dog. Dr. Boyd Graves and Dr. Len Horowitz would say…just another covert clinical trial.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boyd Graves asks Congressman Filner investigate formerly secret AIDS program

San Diego – Yesterday U.S.Congressman Bob Filner (D-Ca) received a presentation by American humanrights activist and HIV/AIDS advocate Dr. Boyd E. Graves on the formerly secret U.S. Special Virus Program's 1971 Research Logic Flowchart and the evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS.

“We have now reconnected the U.S. Congress to our position from prior to9-11. Congressman Filner took a 40 minute presentation that seemed like an hour and a half,” Graves said. “The evidence proves a federal virus development program preceded the onset of HIV/AIDS.HIV/AIDS is the Synthetic Biological Agent funded by Congress on June9, 1969 and May 1946.”

Graves, a lawyer and researcher in San Diego, has recovered over 15 years of 'missing' medical evidenced titled the U.S. Special Virus Cancer Program (1962-1978). The progress reports of the virus development program detail every contract and laboratory experiment towards creating HIV/AIDS,according to Graves and a plethora of international scientific and medical experts familiar with the documents. Graves is considered one of the leading researchers on the topic.

“The secret program's 1971 'research logic' flowchart proves to a level of 'absolute evidence', the design, purpose and intent of this secret federal program, the U.S. Special Virus program,” Graves said. “Any National AIDS Strategy must incorporate the immediate clinical trials of the U.S. eleven year oldpatented Cure for AIDS, U.S. patent#5676977,”

Following the dismissal of his last Freedom of Information Act litigation in federal court, Dr. Graves said he will re-file. Dr. Graves has been lead plaintiff in multiple lawsuits against the formerly secret federal program since the discovery of the flow chart document in 1999. Each lawsuit has been quietly dismissed from the courts and some court records.

“To date no one can offer an answer as to when the visna virus crossed species. This point will prove to show further problematic for the United States,” Graves said. “We can immensely improve the treatment for HIV/AIDS, and at the same time create a healthy, happy environment for victims of this federal program.”

Congressman Bob Filner is an eighth term Democrat from California 51st District elected in 1992 and a super-delegate pledged to Barack Obama. Dr. Boyd Graves is a vocal human rights' activist and the first African American to receive the U.S. Patented AIDS Cure, Tetrasil. Graves is the author of two books,“STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS,” and“WORLD WAR AIDS: The Third World War.”


photo: Congressman Bob Filner with Dr. Boyd Graves June 30, 2008. photo by Benjamin Martin, Yesterday Magazine.