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Ninth Circuit poised to dispel indigent AIDS petitioner

March 19, 2008
CONTACT: Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.
Graves v. U.S.A. Case No. 07-056782
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Ninth Circuit (Goliath) poised to dispel indigent AIDS petitioner

(San Francisco, CA.) In a March 14, 2008 Order, a three-Judge panel of the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco has ruled that AIDS activist, Boyd Ed Graves, J.D., must pay the excessive $455 filing fee and “show cause” as to why the lower court’s decision should not be summarily affirmed.

What is troubling in this case is that Graves has filed his ‘opening brief’ with the Court as of February 6, 2008. In order for the ‘show cause’ order to have significance, it should have been filed prior to submission of Graves’ February brief, observers believe.

A review of the relevant Court rule (9th Cir. R. 3-6) further provides that Graves’ February brief, supersedes the requirement to show cause and that Graves should merely have to pay the filing fee within the 21 day period (of March 14th) as prescribed by the Court.

“Although the three-Judge panel overlooked the opening brief filed with the Court in February, it is not peculiar to see this ‘extraordinary’ attempt by the judiciary to further snuff the U.S. documents concluding a laboratory birth of HIV/AIDS,” Graves said.

“Any one who knows me, knows that I have continuously pursued my Constitutional right to life,” Graves said. “My actions seek to strengthen the security of my homeland, the United States of America."

Court observers believe that upon the paying of the filing fee, the briefing schedule will be restored. The brief of the U.S. Attorney General is due April 21, 2008.

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March 16, 2008
By: Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.
On March 16, 1970, President Richard Nixon signed into law, U.S. Public Law 91-213. ANY review of his official remarks will leave little doubt the President is talking about a response to ‘overpopulation’.

Nixon accurately predicted the ensuing AIDS pandemic, saying, “…There will be explosive events in the last third of the 20th Century”.

A review of government events within this time frame reveals significant events occurring from the April 4 – 5, 1969 conference at Fort Detrick (“Entry and Control of Foreign Nucleic Acid”, to the June 9, 1969 Pentagon’s need for a ‘synthetic biological agent’ that depletes the immune system, to the World Health Organization’s June 1969 Bulletin on “Five Years of Study on Visna”, to Nixon’s July 18, 1969 Special Message to Congress on Overpopulation.

Add in the fact that in February 1970, one month before he signed the U.S. law, Nixon had Ordered that all documents (Project NAOMI) relative to the development of HIV/AIDS be destroyed. However, something happened under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Because of FOIA, the American people and the people of the world now have access to several of the progress reports of the U.S. Special Virus program that were thought to not exist.

We believe that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not wait for answers or action until the next President. Any sitting member of Congress can call for review and investigation of the U.S. Special Virus program today. But we do see that Congress has a problem in its funding (appropriations) for the development of HIV/AIDS. In the public budget, Congress funded over $550 million dollars for the development of HIV/AIDS, See, page 5, progress report #15, U.S. Special Virus program (1962 – 1978).

We have been led to believe that senior Congressman John Lewis (D. Ga.) is going to respond to the solid evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS, as well as the U.S. patented CURE for AIDS, U.S. patent #5676977. See, In this regard, U.S. House Resolution 15090, page 129 is “absolute evidence” the U.S. Congress funded the development of HIV/AIDS.

It is consistent with the May 1946 Appropriations as is recorded in Time Magazine, June 3, 1946 article, “Better” Than the Bomb.
According to the experts, the U.S. Special Virus program lies at the heart of the AIDS pandemic. See,

The program’s 1971 blueprint, “research logic” flowchart is irrefutable evidence of the “intent”, “purpose” and “design” of the United States to make a “contagious cancer” that “selectively kills”. The 1971 blueprint depicts the development, production and proliferation of the esp-1 virus. The 1971 virus particle (electron microscope) of the esp-1 virus is IDENTICAL to the government’s 2008 virus particle of HIV/AIDS as is identified in the government’s 2008 poster, “Understanding HIV and AIDS”.
Although Nixon signed the development of AIDS into ‘public law’, some 38 years ago, no one to date can explain when ‘visna’ (Icelandic sheep disease) crossed species so as to become the etiological agent of HIV/AIDS between 1971 and 1983. See, Science Vol. 227, pp. 173 – 7, January 1985, see also PROC NAS Vol. 83, pp. 4007 – 11, June 1986, PROC NAS Vol. 92, pp. 3283 – 87, April 11, 1995.

Any review of the fifteen progress reports of the U.S. Special Virus program will solve and end HIV/AIDS. Equally true, the American people and the people of the world are entitled to “clinical trials” of the ten-year old AIDS CURE still on the shelf.

If Dr. King could respond to this travesty, by ‘turning over in his grave’, he would be a “spinning top” by now. Join our ‘Plan’ to end HIV/AIDS.

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D. is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and law school. He is in his ninth year as Director-AIDS Concerns for the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation. He is the author of two books: “State ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS (Zygote Media and “World War AIDS: The Third World War” (Zygote Media). Dr. Graves can be reached via his email at: . To download the 1971 flowchart:

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FDA DEAD wrong about Tetrasil

via email

Re: FDA Warns Companies Importing and Marketing Drugs Over the Internet that Fraudulently Claim to Prevent and Treat STDs

Dear Ms. Chappelle:

The FDA can not simply have it both ways. The 1997 government patent on tetrasil speaks for itself. The FDA is merely standing in the way of restoring the health of millions and millions of people, mostly of color. To date, the FDA has never addressed the U.S. Special (Cancer) Virus program (1962 – 1978).

To date, the FDA has never addressed the visna sheep sequences in the blood of people with HIV/AIDS. See, PROC NAS Vol. 83, pp. 4007 – 11, June 1986. See also, PROC NAS Vol. 92, pp. 3283 – 3287, April 11, 1995.

The current 2008 “Understanding HIV and AIDS” poster is identical to the virus created in the Special Virus program. See, Nature New Biology, Vol. 232, pp. 140 – 2, 1971.

The U.S. patent below deserves “immediate scrutiny” from the FDA, not tomorrow, today.

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

FDA Warns Companies Importing and Marketing Drugs Over the Internet that Fraudulently Claim to Prevent and Treat STDs

FDA News

March 6, 2008

Media Inquiries:
Rita Chappelle, 301-827-6242
Consumer Inquiries:

FDA Warns Companies Importing and Marketing Drugs Over the Internet that Fraudulently Claim to Prevent and Treat STDs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today issued Warning Letters to six U.S. companies and one foreign individual for marketing unapproved and misbranded drugs over the Internet to U.S. consumers for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Some of these products, directed at U.S. consumers, falsely claim to have "FDA Approval" and some claim to be "more effective" than conventional medicine. The products are sold as Tetrasil, Genisil, Aviralex, OXi-MED, Imulux, Beta-mannan, Micronutrient, Qina, and SlicPlus. Consumers who are currently using these products should stop their use immediately and consult their health care professional if they have experienced any adverse effects that they suspect are related to the use of any of these products.

"The products pose a serious health threat to unsuspecting consumers who don’t know that these products are not FDA approved and have not been proven safe or effective," said Janet Woodcock, M.D., deputy commissioner for scientific and medical programs, chief medical officer, and acting director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. "STDs are very serious diseases and these products give consumers a false sense of security that they are protected from STDs."

The products claim to prevent or treat a variety of STDs, including Herpes, Chlamydia, Human Papilloma Virus, cervical dysplasia, and HIV/AIDS. The FDA considers these U.S. and imported products to be unapproved new drugs being marketed in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. They are also misbranded under the law because they lack proper directions for use by consumers. In addition, some of the products are misbranded because they make false and misleading claims.

Examples of claims that these products make include "Treatment Kills all Herpes Viruses WITHOUT having to use conventional drugs or medications," "Greatest STD Protection Without Condoms," (SlicPlus) and "The active ingredient in our product is FDA certified to destroy 99.9992 percent of all pathogenic organisms [ie] Chlamydia" (OXi-MED).

The Warning Letters inform the companies that failure to properly resolve violations of the law may cause them to face further enforcement action that can include seizure of illegal products, injunction, and possible criminal prosecution.

Issuing these Warning Letters is part of the FDA’s ongoing campaign against fraudulent products marketed on the Internet for serious and life-threatening diseases. The agency also works to educate consumers about the risks and dangers that exist from buying unsafe products.

Consumers and health care professionals should notify the FDA of any complaints or problems associated with these products. These reports may be made to MedWatch, the FDA’s voluntary reporting program, by calling 800-FDA-1088, or electronically at

To view the letters, - Aviralex Int. - Aidance Skincare - Health-science-report - NeumaLife - IMULUX, LLC - Saferex Laboratories - McKinnon, Blair


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A Challenge to the U.S. Congress via Rep. John Lewis

March 2, 2008

Congressman John Lewis

Re: The People’s Voice to Congress; Two Question Challenge to End HIV/AIDS

Dear Congressman Lewis:

I write today to follow up the call I made to your office regarding the “solid evidence” of the laboratory birth of AIDS. “If there was a federal virus program that preceded HIV/AIDS, shouldn’t that program be reviewed?

The answer is YES. The program was(is) called The U.S. Special Virus (Cancer) Program (1962 – 1978). To date over four million people have downloaded the program’s 1971 “research logic” flowchart. See,

The 1971 flowchart is “absolute evidence” of the design, purpose and intent of this federal program.

In the 1971 progress report, page 105, the United States isolates the HIV virus as the esp-1 virus and records the electron microscope accordingly. See, Nature New Biology, Vol. 232, pp. 140 – 2, 1971.
The 1971 microscope is “identical” to the government’s 2008 poster, “Understanding HIV and AIDS”. Additionally, a 1971 Science article confirms the development of the esp-1 virus. See, google: “Special Virus Cancer Program: Trevails of a Biological Moonshot”.

The June 9, 1969 testimony of the U.S. Pentagon confirms HIV/AIDS is a “synthetic biological agent”. See, U.S. House Resolution 15090, page 129. See also, google: “Better” Than the Bomb.
More important however than any of the points identified thus far, is the fact, there is a second question. “If there is a patented CURE for AIDS, shouldn’t we al least begin “clinical trials”? The answer is YES. U.S. patent# 5676977 (“TETRASIL”), See, Equally true if you review patent #4647773.

In essence, any review of the U.S. Special Virus program will solve and end HIV/AIDS. The Icelandic sheep sequences (visna) in HIV/AIDS PROVE conclusively HIV/AIDS came from the laboratory. See, PROC NAS, Vol. 83, pp. 4007 – 11, June 1986, see also, PROC NAS Vol. 92, pp. 3283 – 87, April 11, 1995.

I ask for the right to make a further presentation of my near sixteen years of research. The People can answer All the questions, please allow this access, in the spirit of Dr. King. In this regard, Dr. King would not wait for the next President.

“We have found the wellspring of the genesis of the AIDS pandemic, it is our nation state, it is u.s.”

Respectfully submitted,

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.
Chula Vista, Ca 91910