Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Voice of America violates U.S. Law (May 29, 2007)

May 29, 2007

To the Voice of America
Re: Violation of U.S. Public Law 94-350;
Your Zambia AIDS CURE broadcast

To Whom it may concern:

The May 27 Internet stream of the Zambian AIDS CURE contains a heading of “Zamiba (sp) Fake Drugs”. The VOA has violated its charter and mission pursuant to U.S. law. http://www.voanews.com/mediaassets/english/2007_05/Audio/mp3/Zamiba_Fake_Drugs.mp3

The VOA has violated U.S. Public law 94-350 in that the broadcast has clearly attempted to discredit the U.S. patented CURE for AIDS, “Tetrasil” as a “fake”. The Voice of America can not replace the modality of the clinical trials, however with its purposefully false pronouncement, the VOA has illegally sought to sway public opinion away from the U.S. patented CURE for AIDS.

The VOA violates its charter and the American people and the 100 million people of the world who depend on it for initial “objectivity”, when it refers to a U.S. patented product as ‘fake’ without any conclusionary evidence.

In this particular complaint, the VOA chose to label Tetrasil as fake, although the clinical trials are just getting underway and Zambian officials have not come to that same conclusion, and in essence hold out for the results of the trials. The VOA does not have a right to take away the hope of the people by intentionally false broadcasts.

Here, by purpose and intent, the VOA has sought to supercede the comprehensive clinical trial process to draw an inaccurate portrayal of a CURE for AIDS, that has already gone through comprehensive testing and been proven. The VOA has intentionally made a clear and effective attempt to draw public attention and interest away from a grass roots process that is truth and people driven.

Tetrasil is not fake, it is cheap and effective, and as the patent shows, it is not a drug. I would appreciate a public retraction of your heading and your global attention on the trials.


Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.

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Anonymous said...

I guess just because you are a minority, you can speak bullshit and get away with it.