Monday, March 3, 2008

A Challenge to the U.S. Congress via Rep. John Lewis

March 2, 2008

Congressman John Lewis

Re: The People’s Voice to Congress; Two Question Challenge to End HIV/AIDS

Dear Congressman Lewis:

I write today to follow up the call I made to your office regarding the “solid evidence” of the laboratory birth of AIDS. “If there was a federal virus program that preceded HIV/AIDS, shouldn’t that program be reviewed?

The answer is YES. The program was(is) called The U.S. Special Virus (Cancer) Program (1962 – 1978). To date over four million people have downloaded the program’s 1971 “research logic” flowchart. See,

The 1971 flowchart is “absolute evidence” of the design, purpose and intent of this federal program.

In the 1971 progress report, page 105, the United States isolates the HIV virus as the esp-1 virus and records the electron microscope accordingly. See, Nature New Biology, Vol. 232, pp. 140 – 2, 1971.
The 1971 microscope is “identical” to the government’s 2008 poster, “Understanding HIV and AIDS”. Additionally, a 1971 Science article confirms the development of the esp-1 virus. See, google: “Special Virus Cancer Program: Trevails of a Biological Moonshot”.

The June 9, 1969 testimony of the U.S. Pentagon confirms HIV/AIDS is a “synthetic biological agent”. See, U.S. House Resolution 15090, page 129. See also, google: “Better” Than the Bomb.
More important however than any of the points identified thus far, is the fact, there is a second question. “If there is a patented CURE for AIDS, shouldn’t we al least begin “clinical trials”? The answer is YES. U.S. patent# 5676977 (“TETRASIL”), See, Equally true if you review patent #4647773.

In essence, any review of the U.S. Special Virus program will solve and end HIV/AIDS. The Icelandic sheep sequences (visna) in HIV/AIDS PROVE conclusively HIV/AIDS came from the laboratory. See, PROC NAS, Vol. 83, pp. 4007 – 11, June 1986, see also, PROC NAS Vol. 92, pp. 3283 – 87, April 11, 1995.

I ask for the right to make a further presentation of my near sixteen years of research. The People can answer All the questions, please allow this access, in the spirit of Dr. King. In this regard, Dr. King would not wait for the next President.

“We have found the wellspring of the genesis of the AIDS pandemic, it is our nation state, it is u.s.”

Respectfully submitted,

Boyd Ed Graves, J.D.
Chula Vista, Ca 91910

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