Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Cemetery/Crematory: The “Promise Land” of the U.S. AIDS Virus (April 4, 2008)

In the spirit of Dr. King….

Dr. Martin Luther King would not wait for another U.S. President to be sworn for him to address the plethora of U.S. documents concluding a laboratory birth of AIDS. Anyone who reads the June 9, 1969 Congressional Record will instantly know the U.S. Congress funded the development of AIDS.

It is U.S. House Resolution 15090, page 129. The title of the page is “Synthetic Biological Agent”. The U.S. Pentagon asked Congress for a $10 million dollar appropriation to have the agent (HIV/AIDS) by 1979. We had HIV/AIDS by 1979. The 1969 appropriation does not stand alone. Since HIV/AIDS is the result of a century long hunt, a May 1946 appropriation appears to have been about HIV/AIDS. See, “Better” Than the Bomb, Time Magazine, June 3, 1946.

The formal program that actually developed HIV/AIDS was called the U.S. Special Virus program (1962- 1978). This federal program produced a ‘progress report’ for each year of its existence. Inside the progress reports are the names of some of the more prominent scientists now leading the fight against HIV/AIDS. Truly, the fox guarding the hen house. For the record, Dr. Robert Gallo was the PROJECT OFFICER for a 1971 experiment that ‘isolated’ HIV/AIDS. See, page 104 – 6, Progress Report # 8, U.S. Special Virus program (1971).

In 1971 (page 39) the United States concedes that ‘visna disease’ had not yet been associated with human disease. On July 18, 1983, the United States concedes that visna is the “etiological agent” of HIV/AIDS. This finding is further supported by the Proceedings of the United States of America , National Academy of Sciences. So the question begs: When did visna cross species? Not only that, but when did visna cross species between 1971 and 1983 so as to become the ‘etiological agent’ of HIV/AIDS?

In the fraudulent report issued by the government in June 2002, the government reported that HIV/AIDS and visna had ‘evolved together’ over a thousand years. The unidentified government official who approved the report was Dr. Alan Rabson, Deputy Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Dr. Rabson is also listed in the progress reports as a member of the ‘Developmental Committee” of HIV/AIDS. Dr. Rabson has also illegally removed two of the fifteen progress reports from the archives of the NCI in which to thwart the people’s Freedom of Information request for “full disclosure” of the U.S. Special Virus program. The Case is currently on appeal in the Ninth Circuit.

Dr. King would be in every Circuit and in the ear of the entire trilateral government. It is very funny, forty years later only Bill Cosby and Rev. Wright have spoken the truths of the systemic development of the HIV/AIDS virus. Anyone who views the 1971 “research logic” flowchart of this federal program will absolutely know the government’s mindset to achieve a contagious cancer that selectively kills. See,

Equally true, Dr. King would not wait to begin the clinical trials of the patented CURE for AIDS , U.S. patent #5676977 I am certain he would vehemently encourage us to make a greatful noise in response to the greatest human led calamity in the history of the world.

The Promise Land can be genocidal if you let it.

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