Wednesday, October 8, 2008

U.S. Supreme Court gives Boyd Graves 60 days

September 29, 2008


U.S. Supreme Court provides Boyd Graves 60 days

San Diego - On Saturday, September 27, 2008, Boyd Ed Graves, J.D. received a letter from the Clerk of the U. S. Supreme Court informing him he had sixty days to correct procedural requirements of the Court, and his case may be heard.

“I am elated the American people have a further opportunity to seek accountability of the U.S. Special Virus program (1962 – 1978),” Graves said. “Once this federal program is fully disclosed the world will clearly see the man made etiology of HIV/AIDS; and will have a direct path to resolve the greatest human calamity in the history of the world.”

Court observers believe the narrow question (of service on the former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales) may provide a chance for the high court to hear his case.

“With respect to the service issue, the American people can show the (former) U.S. Attorney General (Gonzales), received ‘service’ on May 15, 2007,” Graves said. “Thus our country’s top law enforcement officer has been aware of the federal program that made AIDS, and has taken no action of his own accord.”

“The American people are entitled to know the truth about this formerly secret federal virus development program that preceded HIV/AIDS and ended just as HIV/AIDS began," Graves said. “Any review of the U.S. Special Virus program (1962 – 1978) will solve and end AIDS.”

“We have within our reach, a vision of a world once again without HIV/AIDS, we must not fail.”

American Boyd Ed Graves is a vocal human rights activist and AIDS victims' advocate whose 2001 appeal to the United States' Supreme Court for 'full disclosure' of the U.S. Special Virus Program was rejected eight years ago without comment by the nation's highest court. Now U.S. Supreme Court Case 00-9587 is in large part the topic of Dr. Graves' first book on the medical global AIDS cover-up entitled, "STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" (2001 Zygote Media).


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In any constitutional judicial system and democracy, this path to acclamation of any correctness and incorrectness. The Court is the only maker of this realization footnote.